DairySky Lactose Free Milk Powder

It is perfect for people who do not assimilate the carbohydrate contained in cow's milk. It is characterized by being gluten-free. As well as for having a rich flavor, and being a source of calcium, proteins, minerals, and vitamins that make it one of the favorite options.

It can be used in any recipe, but it is used mainly to make desserts. It is certified Kosher in the United States for its high quality and comes in a 16 oz presentation.

DairySky Nonfat Dry Milk Powder

100% fat and gluten free skim milk powder. It is perfect for any child, adult, pregnant woman, and senior citizen. It is characterized by being a source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and calcium.

It has a long duration, and it is a quality product that brings great benefits to the human body. These include weight loss, control of cholesterol levels, strengthening of bones and teeth, lower chances of suffering from cardiovascular disease, and proper hydration.